Aggregate Crushing Process – Aggregate Crusher Plant

Large stone quarry and sand and gravel operations exist near virtually all population centers.

These are capital -intensive operations, utilizing large earth-moving equipment, belt conveyors, and machines specifically designed for crushing and separating various sizes of aggregate, to create distinct product stockpiles.

The aggregate production flow chart


The blasted raw stones was hauled to the a stockpile by heavy duty truck;

The raw stones like granite, basalt, marble, limestone, cobble stone etc.

will be fed into Turbo Crusher as primary and Secondary crushing machine;

The crushed stones will be transferred to impact crusher for further processing;

According to the clients application, the crushed stone will be sieved into different grade by vibrating screen, or be transferred to Turbo crusher for fineness crushing;

After screening process, aggregate washing machine will be needed to clear away the dust and small particles.




Aggregate Crushing Process