Mobile Crushing, Screening & Washing Plant

Dragon 9 Mobile

Dragon 9 Mobile Crushing Plant
Portable Crushing Plant Dragon 10

Dragon 10 Mobile

Dragon 10 Mobile Crushing Plant
Mobile Crushing And Screening Plant Dragon 15

Dragon 15 Mobile

Dragon 15 Mobile Crushing Plant

Dragon 20 Mobile

Dragon 20 Mobile Crushing Plant

Dragon 25 Mobile

Dragon 25 Mobile Crushing Plant

Turbo 600 Hard

Turbo 600 Hard Materiel Crusher Plant

Turbo 650 Hard

Turbo 650 Hard Materiel Crusher Plant
Turbo 950 Mobile Crusher machine(1)

Turbo 950 Hard

Turbo 950 Hard Materiel Crusher Plant
Turbo 900 Mobile Curshing And Screening Plant

Turbo 900 Hard

Turbo 900 Hard Materiel Crusher Plant

Dragon 606 Mini

Dragon 606 Mini Screening Plant
Mobile Screening Plant Dragon 607

Dragon 607 Mobile

Dragon 607 Mobile Screening Plant
Dragon 608-2-İNG

Dragon 608 Mobile

Dragon 608 Mobile Screening Plant
Dragon 609 ing2

Dragon 609 Mobile

Dragon 609 Mobile Screening Plan

Dragon 615 Mobile

Dragon 615 Mobile Screening Plant
Dragon 617 Mobile Washing and Screening Plants

Dragon 617 Mobile

Dragon 617 Mobile Screening and Washing Plant

Dragon 35 Mobile

Dragon 35 Mobile Tertiary Crushing Plant

Dragon 45 Mobile

Dragon 45 Mobile Tertiary Crushing Plant
Dragon 35 ing

Dragon 55 Mobile

Dragon 55 Mobile Tertiary Crushing Plant

Dragon 6000 Mobile

Dragon 6000 Mobile Primary Crushing Plant

Dragon 9000 Mobile

Dragon 9000 Mobile Primary Crushing Plant
dragon 11_000 - 1a - en

Dragon 11000 Mobile

Dragon 11000 Mobile Primary Crushing Plant

Dragon 4000 Mobile

Dragon 4000 Mobile Secondary Crushing Plant

Dragon 5000 Mobile

Dragon 5000 Mobile Secondary Crushing Plan


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Why New Generation Dragon Mobile Crushing and Screening Plants?

  • One of the biggest avantage, it has it has variety of aggregates for concrete et asphalt plants. It can produce three types of products. Through grills at the feeder throw out grounded or break for not need material or dont put into the crusher to feedback system that by-pass system is available. The fixed installations are performing more than enough functionality by means of these features.
  • Classic mobile facilities, is formed by a combination of several units. This causes loss of time and labor force loss. New generation mobile our plants all of the equipments are collected in a single platform. It can be ready for use within 1 hour and installation of plant completed, can be transported within 1 hour.
  • Through compact design, the installation can be in small spaces.
  •  It can be transported on single truck, and provides ease of transportation.
  • The ability to run without fixed with concrete can be activated immediately get rid of both cost and concrete.
  • It can be controlled by a single staff, provides operational convenience.
  •  New Generation Dragon Crushing and Screening Plants,through high technology require minimum maintenance.
  • It provides a low initial investment cost.
  • A few machines with high ratios, which can be downloaded from the stone, a single crusher final product size can be reduced. Crusher system; in the classical crushing plant use types of 2 crusher or 3 crusher. Primary crusher, secondary crusher and tertiary crusher, Dragon Crusher is the latest technology crusher which this 3 system is able to crusher function. Thanks to the strong setting blocks and large thinning rate is very high. 50 floor-thinning curve.(Valid forDragon 7, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25)
  • Both the generator and the electrical system can work with. Low fuel spend.
  • New Generation Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant are more efficient. than classical plants.
  • Per tonne production cost of the facility, according to the classical plants and mobile classical plants are at least 50% lower.
  • New Generation Dragon Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant, according to the classical facilities %50 – %60 consumes less energy than.
  • New Generation Dragon Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant’s service life is longer than classical plants and mobile classical plants.
  • It is equipped with systems that will allow them to adapt to environmental conditions. Dragon Mobile Plants are environmentally friendly plants (Dust and noise insulation).

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