Cone Crushers Working Principle


When Cone crusher is working, the motor drives the eccentric bush via bevel & pinion gear. Mantle core is forced to swing by the eccentric bush, which makes the mantle sometimes close to the concave, and sometimes far away from concave. The raw materials are pressed, impacted and finally crushed in the crushing chamber.

The Characteristic of Hydraulic Type Cone Crusher

1. Concave replacement mechanism
– With the improvement of the liner assembly method, the concave replacement time is shortened.
– Maintenance is possible with the sleeve exchange at the site without welding.
2. Improvement of production volume for 20 %
– Compared to same level of model, the production volume is increased for 20 % or more.
– The crushing chamber structure is appropriate to optimal crushing mechanism.
3. Hydraulics to open the crushing chamber
– When the crushing chamber is clogged by the mantle in operation, the cleaning time is shortened.
– It improves the operation rate and convenience of facilities.