Mobile Crushing plant & Screening Plant Modular Plant Designs

Dragon Crusher Plant manufactures a full line of portable plants for road and in-pit use. Styles include New Generation Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant Closed Circuit Type Dragon ,Mobile Crusher and Screener Plant New Generation – New Type Turbo, Mobile Tertiary Crushing Plants,Mobile Screening Plants and Mobile Washing and Screening Plants that can be configured to create a complete processing system.

Dragon Crushing ans screening plants factory has developed a modular plant concept that significantly shortens the time line for new crushing plant development. Ability to achieve start-up possibly months ahead of a conventional plant approach, these modular plants offer outstanding maintenance access, reliable performance and a lower installed cost.

Benefits of the modular approach:

Pre-designed modules reduce the engineering requirement for new plant construction,

Modules are pre-assembled at the factory and ship in segments that stack-up at the job site with minimal crane time,
Motors, handrails, etc. arrive pre-installed when possible,
The number of bolts required for assembly has been reduced from thousands to hundreds,
Modules have been field tested and incorporate real maintenance access,
Modular plants are backed by a Dragon guarantee.
Dragon modular plants can work independently as stand-alone crushing or screening stations or be packaged by Dragon into “single source” processing plant solutions.

An array of modular plant designs and configurations are available to address specific requirements. Contact our applications group at and let us work with you to create a plant specially designed for your business.