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Granite Crushing Plant , Mobile Granite Crusher and Screener Plant

Granite is a common widely occurring type of intrusive, felsic, igneous rock which is granular and crystalline in texture. Due to its high hardness, wear resistance, the granite stone is used as a type of senior aggregate.

Nowadays, with the rapid growth of real estate, the annual demand for granite aggregate and stone has been increasing significantly and rapidly. At the same time, granite has a wide application, therefore, it is a wise choice to produce granite aggregate. Dragon Crushers granite crushing equipment is high efficiency and energy saving. The feeding size of Dragon Crushers granite crushing machine can reach 1000mm, and also the final size of granite dust may be adjusted from 10-30 mm. IT also can crush many kinds of materials. Today, most of customers choose our Turbo Series Crushing and screening plant as granite aggregate making machine. This series of crushers for granite aggregate can significantly improve the capacity.

In the New Type Mobile Granite crushing plant, you should use the equipment such as hopper, vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and vibrating screen, also the belt conveyor. For further information, you can turn to related webpages or contact our on-line mining engineers. May you success!
Granite Crushing Plant

Granite is an igneous magma below the surface condensation formed , the main component of feldspar and quartz. Because granite is plutonic , and often can form a good development , mineral particles visible to the naked eye , hence the name. Its silica content and more than 70% , lump -free bedding , granite mosaic structure , often by spherical weathering . Lighter in color , with white, red meat were more common. Mainly composed of quartz ( hardness 7 ) , feldspar ( hardness 6 ) and minor biotite ( hardness 2-4 ) and other dark minerals. Quartz content of 20 % to 40% , alkali feldspar than plagioclase feldspar of the total accounted for 2 /3. For a variety of alkali feldspar and albite feldspar , plagioclase, mainly sodium oligoclase or oligoclase . Dark minerals biotite , containing a small amount of hornblende, with porphyritic granite structure or structures .

Granite processing technology is based on the characteristics of the company ‘s existing granite processing equipment , the majority of users reflects the positive reference , research and design of practical products , granite processing equipment from the market, customers love being around . Granite processing line due to its unique structural design has been widely used crusher equipment of their choice mainly depends on the material, which determines the high chromium content of the back plate of the hardness and wear resistance , impact crusher wear-resistant quality is inside quality of the material .

Granite crushing can be divided into two stages, namely, primary crushing, secondary crushing . Jaw crusher are suitable for primary crushing. Hidro cone crusher is suitable for secondary crushing. Short head cone crusher is suitable for fine crushing. Jaw crushers are mainly used as primary crushers. Their main purpose is to produce material that can be transported by belt conveyors to the next crushing stages. The crushing takes place between a fixed and moving jaw which is mounted on a pitman, and its motion it set up by the movement produced by the eccentric shaft at the top of the pitman.

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